17&19 Inch TFT LCD touch Interactive Information Kiosk
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17&19 Inch TFT LCD touch Interactive Information Kiosk
17&19 Inch TFT LCD touch Interactive Information Kiosk
1.Touch Screen Kiosk
2.Interactive information technology;
3.Unattended, Anti vandalism, strong metal or stainless steel mechanism integrated with smart electronic alarming and server system.
4.Upgradable functions available
5.Flexible Modification to fit customers requirements
6.In-door or out-door optional

17&19 Inch TFT LCD touch Interactive Information Kiosk

Display Panel Size 15" &17"
Max. Brightness 300nits
Max. Resolution 1024*768/1920*1080
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Panel Life 50000 hours
Responsive Time 4ms
Viewing Angle H170/V160
Touch Panel Parameter Touch Max Resolution 4980*4980
Touch Type multi points IR/Capacitive touch
Transparency > 90%, Up to 100%
Scanning Speed >50Scans/S
Response Speed <12ms
Communication RS-232/USB Port
Power Supply AC 110V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ
Certificate CE,RoHS,CCC,FCC,ISO9001
Warranty one year
Windows I3 CPU,4G RAM,128G SSD bluebooth, 3G/4G module,Printers,

IC card (magnetic card) card reader, 

fingerprint scanner,

I7 CPU,8G RAM,256G SSD camera, handset, coin, etc. optional
Payment functions  Coin validator
Bank note validator
Electronic payments with EC and credit card

Thermal printer (58mm to DIN A4)                                                       

laser printer (printouts in mono and colour)

Card reader Magnetic card reader
Chip card reader
Webcam 8 Megapixel camera

1.Adaption to the operational concept of the client through 

freely adjustable placement of the components

2.Implementation of functional and operational concept through

 the customized system front

3.Excellent presentation of content through luminous 17 inch 

brilliant image display

4.Simple system maintenance through the front access
5.Security options for cash management

6.Ticket issuance (receipt, coupon, bon, etc.) through 

simultaneous use of unique printer types

7.Appearance can be easily customized


8.System is optimally designed for the use within retail, 

public spaces, and company environments

9.Long-life cycle due to high value engineering and 

high quality materials

10.Meets a wide variety of project requirements due 

to extensive range of functional options

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