ASTOUCH Anti-reflection touch panel
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ASTOUCH Anti-reflection touch panel whiteboard solving the light reflection problem in classroom

Nowadays, the electronic interactive whiteboard bring great convenience at classroom, yet the touch panel whiteboard market is mixed with good and bad, which makes the customers hard to verify; 

ASTOUCH has been manufacturing interactive whiteboard for several years, and devoting ourselves on making a professional and customer oriented products; We take care of every comments from customers and trying our best to improve to be perfect. 

  • All our digital whiteboard are made of metal framework instead of plastic. The front panel is aluminum, ip65 water proof; the back panel is iron;
  • The touch screen is 10 points, and easy to be detached, which would be much convenient for maintenance.
  • Front panel with OSD keys, USB and HDMI inputs, which is easy to operate
  • Dual systems, windows and android, can be switched easily, and touch is available on any operating system, no need to plug on the USB again.
  • The most important we are different from the other suppliers is that we made anti glare/ anti reflection whiteboard, few supplier can make it at present; this technology improves the efficiency since less light is lost; Students in every corner of the class would see the whiteboard clearly; 

interactive whiteboard

interactive whiteboard 

Thin film anti-reflection coatings greatly reduce the light loss in multi-element lenses by making use of phase changes and the dependence of the reflectivity on index of refraction. A single quarter-wavelength coating of optimum index can eliminate reflection at one wavelength. Multi-layer coatings can reduce the loss over the visible spectrum.

The idea behind anti-reflection coatings is that the creation of a double interface by means of a thin film gives you two reflected waves. If these waves are out of phase, they partially or totally cancel. If the coating is a quarter wavelength thickness and the coating has an index of refraction less that the glass it is coating then the two reflections are 180 degrees out of phase.

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